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White Kidney Bean P. E

Specification: Phaseolin 1%


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Product description

English Name: White Kidney Bean P. E
Latin Name:Phaseolus vulgaris
Plant Description:
Use part: Seed
Specification: Phaseolin 1%
Test method: HPLC
Standard of quality:

Item Specification Test result
Identify TLC Conformed
Appearance Light Yellow Fine Powder Conformed
Taste/Odor Characteristic Conformed
Particle size 100% pass 120 mesh sieve Conformed
Assay Phaseolin ≥1% Conformed
Total Ash 5.0% max. Conformed
Heavy Metals 10ppm max. Conformed
Arsenic 2.0ppm max. Conformed
Microbiological control
Total plate count <1000cfu/g Conformed
Yeast & mold <100cfu/g Conformed
Salmonella Negative Conformed
E.coli. Negative Conformed
Conclusion Conform with specification.
Storage Cool, Darkness & Dry   
Shelf life 2 years when properly stored.   
Action: White Kidney Bean P.E. can effectively inhibit the starch decomposing. It is a good diet pill. In addition, the white kidney bean that has rich nutrition is good to kidney and spleen.
Storage:Store in cool &dry place. Keep away from strong light and heat.
Shelf life:2 years when properly stored.
Packing:Double plastic bag of foodstuff inside, cardboard drum outside, (25kg/drum).

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