Company profile


Hanzhong TRG Biotech Co.,Ltd.builds six workshops and equips with 300,000 air purification for refinement,oven and packing Clean Area.The storehouses of raw material hazardous chemicals and finish product and our factory are all equipped with complete power engineering systems,200t/h water,6t/h water purification station,150 celsius degree pressure,11kg/㎡steam and 630KVA,10KVA Transformer Substations.


The Company establishes Engineering Research Center,distributes a set of advanced testing equipments:Agilent 1200 HPLC Spectrum Analyzer,uv2401pc,UV-Visible Spectrophotometer,Moisture Analyzer,Muffle furnace and so on.In addition,the company also sets sterility laboratory of microbial detection.All production steps are accordance with GMP requirements,including raw material purchase,pre-processing,quality control in production,inflow storage.

Environmental Protection

Company is located in the southern of Shaanxi,the ecological environment here is very favorable.The main factor has been considered by company that is how to maintain harmonious natural environment in constructing.And protectiong the environment is also the important condition for the stability of productions and measures actively for dust,solid waste and water pollution.Especially the reasonable sewage treatment system is a significant method for treating water pollution.Realizing the separation of cleaning water and sewage.The company achieves the national second-class water discharge standards.Consumption,the company already passed the evaluation of the environmental protection department.HGese efforts will provide a powerful support for company development.

The company has the own specialty Biotechnique Research Center,they sets cooperation relationship with six famous Universities and many experts on technic of China.

All production steps are accordance with GMP requirements,including raw material purchase,pre-processing,quality control in production,inflow storage.

Technical Capability

GAP cultivation of raw materials

Making the raw material planting achieved regularization,standardization and reached upgrading progress.

Control of the raw material collection

We ensure the quality of raw material strictly on selecting.

Control of production Quality

Clear operation rules

Every step of this round is under the standard operation and safety operation rules.

Control of Management

We carry out advanced management method,And there are more than 40 supervising points in the whole production process for fully ensuring the protecting.It ensure the quality of the product and the stability homogeneity


Hanzhong trg biotech co.,ltd as a professional biotec extract enterprise,take all facilities and every production step under the Good Manufacturing practices(GMP),and all our manufacturing plants operate in conformity with ISO 9001:2008guidelines.We have right to conduct the commodity inspection.It is the first biotec extract enterprise who access to food health permits in Shaan'xi province.